Friday, April 8, 2011

Clique Critique: What Both Beginners and Seasoned Dancers Need to Know

It has come to my attention that some people (mostly our newer dancers) feel that the dance can get a bit "cliquish". I want to put a few points out here:

1) To the "seasoned" dancers - please do make an effort to dance with the new and less experienced dancers. I totally know that you want to dance with your favorite partners and friends, but without a kind soul who danced with you at some point in the past,  you wouldn't be where you are.

2) To the "newbies" among us - there are a few things to remember here. Ladies: we are an equal opportunity can ask a guy to dance here too! Don't be shy!  

Also, in general, most of us are very happy to dance with you, but we often get caught up with being excited to see folks that we only see once a month or whatever. Again, please please please feel free to ask us. MOST of us are very happy to oblige!  When I run my dances I am often distracted by many things and I realize I missed many of you at the end of the night...again, come find me! I'm usually in the DJ corner if I'm not putting out fires! 

And finally, don't judge how someone is dancing with you as to whether they are enjoying dancing with you. Many dancers have different ways of concentrating - some look away and others may look really mad or upset (I have been accused of both and have had to train myself to look and smile at my partner!). I promise you, most of the time it's just a habit that they are probably not aware of. Don't take it personally!  

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